Is It Safe and Good to Apply for a Payday Loan Online?

Upon getting information about an upcoming school science fair and the need to consider a topic of interest, many students will typically have no idea where to get started. While the science fair is typically a common occurrence in any school at any grade level, there are different types of topics that should be taken a look at depending on the age of the student. After first taking a look at the many different categories of science projects, you will be able to locate a suitable choice of topic to take to the next level.There is a wide variety of categories that fall under the types of science projects that can be chosen for a school science fair. These include biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, biochemistry, medicine, environmental, mathematics, engineering, and earth science. While you may not have yet learned very much in any of these categories, don’t be afraid to see what each one entails. Taking a good look at your interests will allow you to focus on the right direction to take.Many resources are also available for those who are unsure as to the topic they are wanting to use to create their science projects. If you take a look at the topics that fall under the biology category, you will likely notice that there are topics that deal with plants, animals, and humans. For those who are in 2nd grade or 3rd grade, an interesting topic may be to determine if ants are picky over what type of food they eat. While this topic might not be of interest to an 8th grader, it is certainly something in the biology category that an elementary school student would enjoy.Along with the biology category, a high school student may want to take a look at diffusion and osmosis in animal cells as this would be a more appropriate topic for the grade level. A student in 6th grade would be more advanced than an elementary school student, but not as advanced as a high school student. At this middle school grade level, a topic of how pH levels effect the lifespan of a tadpole may be of interest.Whichever resource is used to locate a topic for science projects, it is always a good idea to consider the grade level of the student prior to making a selection. It is always assumed to be best to have a project at an appropriate level in order to keep the attention of the student and provide a fun and enjoyable learning experience.

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New Leapfrog Crammer Sound and Study System a Good Addition to a Child’s Holiday Gift List

Last month Leapfrog, popular maker of educational children’s toys, introduced their newest selection which is called the Crammer. This educational system combined with MP3 player is targeted at the third to eighth grade market and aims to make on-the-go studying more fun.The Crammer Study and Sound System offers the ability to download over 16,000 quiz questions in 1000 practice quizzes. These quizzes are based on actual textbooks so the questions are a great study tool. The quizzes cover math, social studies, science, and language arts. Besides quizzes, you can also create digital flash cards for the same subjects. In addition the Crammer comes with a built-in Spanish translator and two pre-loaded games. The unit can be connected to the internet to create a Learning Path for parents to follow a child’s progress.The pocket-sized Crammer can also be used as an MP3 player with 1 GB of storage (about 10 hours of music) and a headphone jack. Download songs from any computer with a USB port. The unit is Windows and Mac compatible. The MSRP is $59.99.Additional accessories for the Crammer include a case (MSRP $9.99) and a Customizer screen skin and protector set (MSRP $12.99).We have spent almost a month testing the Crammer with several children and have been overall pleased with the unit. The children have found it to be easy to use. The quizzes and flash cards are fun and challenging. The design is attractive and seems to hold up well to being dropped on occasion. The navigation screen is easy to move around using the rocker-style front screen (it is not a touch screen device as it might appear to be). The sound quality is decent and the MP3 player is fairly easy to download songs to.The downsides to the unit are the limited number of games and the fact that the kids did tire of just doing the quizzes with it. Also, our first Crammer would not shut off without removing the batteries. After exchanging the unit, we found the new one had the same issue. Customer service recommended rubbing a pencil eraser over the battery contacts and the unit began to function properly.Overall the Crammer provides a fun educational entertainment system that would make a great Holiday gift for a child about age 8 to 12.

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Life Long Learning is the Key to Success

In The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness, best selling author, Stephen Covey states that he believes that over 20 percent of the present workforce is becoming obsolete, and unless they rededicate and reinvent themselves, within a few years, another 20 percent will become obsolete. People are either losing their jobs or gradually being transformed by the new demands of their new jobs. Covey goes on to say, “This Information Age is transforming so rapidly into the Knowledge Worker Age that it is going to take continual investment in our own education and training to stay abreast. Much of this will be done by the school of hard knocks, but people who see what is happening and who are disciplined will systematically continue their education until they acquire the new mind-set and the new skill-set required to anticipate and accommodate the realities of the new age.”

It is essential that we never stop learning. Lifelong education is a must if you wish to succeed. Obviously, a college education has tremendous benefits. However, many people have been very successful without college degrees. And even those with college degrees must continue to learn after the pomp and circumstance of graduation.

Where does one acquire lifelong learning? There is a wealth of information all around us, just for the taking. It is up to each of us to maximize our potential by learning as much as we can, and then applying that education to all of our goals and pursuits. Here are a few ways to continue learning.

Learn From Your Experiences

This is the school of hard knocks that street smart successes claim as their alma mater. It is a great way to expand the dimensions of your knowledge, if you take the time to actually learn from your experiences and not just let them pass by. We can learn from successes and failures, but often we forget to look for the lessons, and dwell in misery and defeat. Remember Edison ‘s view that each time he produced a light bulb that did not work, it was not a failure, but one step closer to finding the right way and achieving his goal.

Formal Education

While this article is mainly on education other than college, it should be pointed out that obtaining a formal degree has become easier with the abundant night, weekend, and on-line courses available. Many universities offer courses and degree programs that can be taken while still working full time. Whether you are working toward a degree, or just pick up a class here and there as continued education for your job or in areas of interest, universities and colleges have a lot to offer.

College does provide access to careers that are not open to non-college grads. In addition, learning how to learn and critical thinking, both staples of the undergraduate experience, are often more important than learning a particular occupation. While one can still be successful without a college degree, for some career paths it is essential, and the economic odds are still against the high school graduate who does not continue his or her education.


A fantastic way to learn is to find someone who has done what you want to do, and have that person become your mentor. This is an extremely powerful method of learning once you have developed a strong mentor relationship with someone willing to teach you and help you along. Do not be afraid to ask successful people to mentor you. The worst they can say is they do not have time. You will be amazed that many people are afraid to ask, and so many successful people are willing to share their successes, knowledge, and advice to those willing to learn.

Mastermind Groups

A powerful way to harness the perspective, knowledge, experience, and resources of others is to form a mastermind group. A mastermind group is made up of people who meet on a regular basis to share ideas, thoughts, information, feedback, and resources. Not only will you learn a lot, you will have the opportunity to move beyond your own limited view of the world and advance your goals and projects more quickly. Authors such as Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Denis Waitley all promote the power behind mastermind groups. Form one, and you too will discover the wealth of benefits the group provides each member.


Devoting time to read every day will result in a wealth of information in a very short time. There are books on every subject imaginable. If you want to learn something, there is no better way than to find the books on that subject and read them. Almost every answer to any question can be found in libraries. So why do only three percent of our entire national population possess a library card? Jim Rohn, business philosopher, speaker and author, likes to say, “If you read two books a week, you will have read 1,000 books in ten years. If you don’t, at the end of ten years you will be 1,000 books behind.”

Automobile University

Zig Ziglar likes to talk about the automobile university. There are tape and CD programs on more subjects that you can imagine. You can learn languages, success principles, and just about anything from tapes and CDs. Most libraries have a large selection of books on tape, including non-fiction selections, so they do not even have to cost you anything. The time you are already commuting can be turned into a daily education session.


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How An Online Business Could Be Affected By Bad Weather

For a couple of months last winter, the UK was hit by gale force winds and a months worth of rain in just days. Homes and businesses had been flooded and the rain kept on coming. Fortunately, it didn’t affected me much but for others if had been an absolute nightmare!Businesses were losing money because they had to shut up shop as the flood water entered their premises and others had lost a lot of trade because nobody could get to them. Also some homes and businesses had been without power for weeks.Would an online business be affected by these kinds of storms?To a degree, yes but not the same kind of damaging scale as a normal bricks and mortar business. If you run your online business from home then your home could still get flooded… but your business can still be running in the background.If you have no power to your home, you won’t be able to log onto the internet to do updates to your websites or other online tasks… but it is still running online on the server.People can still come to your website and order from you, auto responder emails will still be sent. A few customers with power cuts won’t be able to order from you but as your business is open to a global market this will have very little affect on your profits.However, if you sell physical products there could be some delivery issues if you can’t get to the post office or the post office is flooded! So you might get cancellations if you can’t get the products out to your customers.Digital products though such as eBooks, ecourses, membership websites etc won’t be affected by delivery problems.Normal bricks and mortar businesses will need to wait for the floods to reside, get their premises back up together before they can let customers back through the door!An online business will still be able to take orders even if your office or home is flooded. You won’t need to shut up shop completely until the floods reside and your premises refitted.Think how damaging it would be to your life if you couldn’t trade for 2 months or more.So in these kind of storms an online business will still have an advantage over other businesses. Quite a big advantage!Maybe you could use an online business as a second income stream to your main business and then at least you still have some money coming in if something like this happens to you.Once you’ve got to grips with online marketing and you have many online customers your profits may even start to exceed your traditional businesses as your expenses costs are much, much less!You may even decide to close your traditional business and continue as an online business only. Some companies have already done this.So get an online business started today whether you already have a traditional business or are looking to start a new business from scratch. An online business has so many more advantages.

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Telecommunications Expense Management – 3 Ways TEM Can Lower Telecom Costs

Telecommunications management programs have become a best practice among the Fortune 500, and the practice has been gaining ground among mid-market companies as an effective means of reducing telecom costs. Telecommunication management programs can run the gamut of total life cycle management (from proposal and ordering, through full service management and disconnection), but the bulk of the hard dollar savings come from the visibility provide by the telecom management applications. Increased visibility into telecom inventory, telecom usage patterns and opportunities to evaluate services across the entire company will yield considerable cost savings.Follow these 3 steps with your telecom management program to capture savings right from the start.1) Identifying unused or under utilized circuits or accounts. A telecom inventory is the best place to obtain the visibility into unused services, such as previously disconnected services that are still billing. Reviewing the telecom inventory is frequently the easy step, establishing and maintaining an accurate inventory has become a challenge for many medium sized businesses.When a telecommunications inventory is available, the services can be review for reasonableness. Your review does not need to be a detailed telecom audit. A simple review of the site list and associated services should yield the majority of the items that might be considered as savings opportunities. Items such as closed locations, multiple services at a single location, partial data networks, etc can quickly be identified with an accurate inventory.2) Data entry errors occur even with the best quality control measures in a telecom service provider. Today’s telecom providers have a patchwork of telecommunications billing platforms built one on top of the other. Errors are common and can be difficult to rectify if not caught early. Errors are especially common when adding services to an existing bill. Negotiated rates or discounts are frequently omitted or misapplied.A comprehensive telecom management methodology will allow you to quickly identify inconsistent charges and erroneous service billing.3) Misuse of telecommunications services has not been a huge issue in telecom due to low rates. A new breed of misuse, however, is occurring at increasing levels. Businesses paying for high speed internet access and mobile wireless services for employees long after they have left employment is becoming an increasing issue. Excessive texting, international calling and unauthorized downloads are becoming new categories of misused telecommunications resources as well.If a telecom management system is in place, the telecommunications manager will be in a position to identify the majority of these issues and maintain control over the telecom environment.Telecom management systems do not need to be expensive or cumbersome. Free applications can be found on the internet and used to control these basic areas of concern.

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Lending Guidelines Change – The Future of 100% Financing, Sub-prime, and First-Time Homebuyers

You have likely seen the television news reports or have read the newspaper and know something about the demise of the sub-prime mortgage business.By now, you, or someone you know, thought they were getting a mortgage, and then suddenly, without warning, were turned down for that loan, because the bank no longer offered that program.You may have even seen “The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter” that many of my colleagues have sent me on the website also know that this is being caused primarily by a record number of foreclosures as well as the highest percentage of people who are late on their mortgage in nearly four years.As a result, nearly every mortgage lender in the country has dramatically changed its lending guidelines in the last 30 days, especially the sub-prime banks that decided to stay in business.Many banks have made the decision to close. According to the Implode-O-Meter, this number is now at 39 as of today.New Century, the third largest sub-prime lender in the U.S, is no longer accepting loan applications. They are on the verge of bankruptcy or closure, depending on the reports you read. Their stock, which had been at 51 in the past year, hit a low below 4. It dropped nearly 70% in one day.You have probably dealt with Fremont and Aurora as well. Fremont is the second-largest independent U.S. mortgage lender. They recently closed their sub-prime division.Aurora recently eliminated a very popular sub-prime program they had.You may have even had a deal fall out of escrow because of it. The buyer, who was a slam dunk loan a month ago, today can’t qualify.Why are these guidelines changing like this and so rapidly?The mortgage business works like a river with a downhill stream. All of the water ends up in the same pool at the end of the river.Nearly all mortgage loans originated everywhere end up being purchased by a handful of companies. This handful of companies purchase nearly all of the mortgage notes made in the U.S. These are large, institutional, Wall Street investment companies.These investment companies buy mortgage notes because they have been highly profitable in the past few years. They were profitable because the market was vibrant. People made their payments on time and when they didn’t, they simply sold their property at a profit before they lost the home to foreclosure. Mortgage notes were lucrative and came with little risk.The rewards were tremendous and nearly every large Wall Street institution from Morgan Stanley to Lehman Brothers to Goldman Sachs to Credit Suisse got in the game. Even General Motors owns two mortgage companies.However, with foreclosure rates higher than ever and late payments also very high, these mortgages are no longer profitable for these Wall Street investors. In fact, they have become an albatross threatening to bring them down.Sure, it’s great to own a $60,000 Note on a second mortgage where a guy pays you 11.000%. However, when he goes into default and you take back his home and he is upside down by $100,000 and you lose your entire $60,000 because you are in second position to the first mortgage note holder, it’s a first-class beating.Some experts say these investors now potentially could lose billions of dollars. General Motors announced this week they are writing a $1 billion check to cover losses in their mortgage division. That’s billion with a “B.”The biggest loser for these Wall Street investors has been sub-prime mortgage notes and second mortgage notes. Their research shows that these losses are mostly and directly related to first-time homebuyers and 100% financing.So, these Wall Street investors have decided to fight back. They have collectively determined that second mortgage notes are the absolute riskiest and they are going to limit purchasing them. They have decided to only purchase the best notes. The ones with the least risk. The ones made to people who have some of their own money in the deal and/or only those with better credit.They have determined that sub-prime notes are also not worth owning unless the borrower has a lot more of his own money in the property, so they are limiting buying those as well unless the borrower has a substantial down payment or a lot of equity on a refinance.They have determined that notes for borrowers who state their income are far more likely to end up in foreclosure, so they are limiting those to only the better credit score borrowers.They have determined that first-time homebuyers, without a down payment or a verifiable rental history or a very good credit score, are excessively risky, so they are limiting investing in those Notes as well.So the mortgage companies that sell the Wall Street investors these Notes, including Countrywide, Option One, New Century, Fremont, Aurora, and nearly every other mortgage lender you or your broker deal with got put on notice from these Wall Street investors.They were told, “Do business any way you deem necessary but just know that we no longer purchase risky notes, like those listed above.”Without a place to sell these notes, these banks had to change their guidelines to only allow for notes they can sell and that’s where we are today.OK, so what does this mean to you and me?In the last few weeks, nearly all of the mortgage banks have eliminated stated income loan programs for credit scores under 660 that allow for 100% financing.They want the buyers to have their own money in the deal as they believe that will make them less likely to be willing to lose their home.If you do an 80/20 loan to cover 100% financing, the 20% second mortgage may be very difficult to obtain. It will be nearly impossible if your credit score is below 660 and you state your income.If your credit score is less than 620, that makes you sub-prime to most lenders, so you will very likely need a minimum of a 5% down payment and probably more like 10-20%.If you have to state your income, you should plan on at least a 5%-10% down payment if your credit score is not at least 660.If you have to state your income, plan on a bank seriously considering your payment shock before approving you. Many new banking guidelines are limiting this to no more than two times your current payment. For example, if you pay $2000 today for your home or rental, it will be difficult, but not impossible, to find you a bank who will allow your new payment to be any higher than $4000.If you are a first-time homebuyer, and you don’t rent from a professional management company, you should make sure you have cancelled checks to prove your last 12 month rental history and your credit score should be decent. If not, you are likely going to face a greater challenge and possibly a higher interest rate.If your credit score is not at least 660, and you cannot fully disclose your income, you will find it very hard or very expensive to secure a 100% loan on a new home purchase or refinance.When I say expensive, I mean if you are doing an 80/20 loan, and your credit score is not at least 660, and you have to state your income, plan on that last 20% costing you between 3-8% on that loan as a loan discount fee, if you can even find it.If you buy a $300,000 house, and you are doing an 80/20, this means your first mortgage is $240,000 and your second mortgage is $60,000.Based on these numbers, that second mortgage will cost you a discount fee between $1800 and $4800 just to get that second loan in additional closing costs.Now this is still certainly less expensive than putting 5% down or $15,000 on this same home, but it does make it much more difficult for the first-time homebuyer and those with little to no money to put down.Most banks limit seller contributions on 100% programs to 3% of the loan amount so those additional costs on the second mortgage will certainly mean you will need some cash out of pocket.The sub-prime market, primarily for borrowers under 620 credit scores, is nearly dead today for higher loan to values. If you have between 5%-20% to put down, you should still be OK for now.Here are some of the other things you can expect to see:· The lighter your documentation (stated income, stated assets, etc), the higher your down payment and higher your rate.· The lower your credit score, the higher your down payment, the higher your rate.· More intense scrutiny from underwriters. They are being told to take their time and be extra careful about every loan they make. Many of them have been fired as a scapegoat for today’s high rate of delinquency. As they land at new companies, you can expect their lesson to be learned.· The acceptable documentation needed for your loan will likely be more substantial and will need stronger third-party verification like income, employment, previous rental history, reserves, down payment, credit history and depth of credit including more and longer trade-lines.· All investment loans will likely require 6-12 months in reserves.· Plan on all loans requiring more reserves and tougher asset seasoning guidelines.· Option ARM’s will likely only be available with more equity or much more down payment.· Plan on loans costing your borrowers more on the front end. Banks are dramatically cutting back the Yield Spread Premiums and Rebates paid to brokers and bankers and they will likely pass some of this onto the borrower.If you have been reading this newsletter for some time, you know that I am an OPTIMIST!!!!So, what’s the good news here?The GREAT news is that we still live in one of the most vibrant, incredible real estate markets in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!People are still moving here in droves and they are going to for many years to come.In 1989, at the age of 23, I bought my first house. It was in South Shore, on West Lake Mead, at the base of a giant desert that was rumored to soon be a development called Summerlin. I was a first-time homebuyer. I made about $6/hr. working for a television station after graduating from college.My soon-to-be wife and I found a house we loved for $136,000. That seemed like it was all the money in the world. It was at the time.I got an 80% loan because that was all I could qualify for and I got a generous gift from my parents to help with the down payment. My interest rate was 12.000% and it was not interest-only.How I made that payment each month was once featured on a segment of television show called “Unsolved Mysteries.”The point is we found a way. Las Vegas exploded during those years, as it does today, with people “finding a way.”There weren’t any interest-only’s or hybrid ARM’s or Option ARM’s or 100% financing for borrowers “one day out of BK.” You had a down payment or you didn’t get a house. You had decent credit or you rented until you could improve. Many lenders did FHA loans and nothing else.Yet our city exploded. More so than any city in American history.In my opinion, creative financing did not create the real estate explosion. The real estate explosion created creative financing. Wall Street wanted in and they did so by creating “something for everyone.”I can remember the days, not that long ago, when I would do tons of FHA loans, that required 3% down payment, and loans that required mortgage insurance, and loans that didn’t go to Wall Street but went straight to “the agencies” like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and guess what? Those days are back.Sure, it will take some time getting used to it and we will have to say “no” a few more times than we did in the past few years. We will talk to a lot more people, try and pre-qualify them, and then we will have to make that call all lenders hate to make. We will deliver the bad news that their dream of homeownership is not today. However, with some good guidance and solid consultation that dream should remain alive as someday it will happen.And, yes, the timing is horrible when factored against what is already going on in the market with inflated inventory and fewer buyers, so sales and values will likely drop even further from previous years as a result.However, and this is the important thing to remember, there will still be thousands of home sales each month and more sales here than in most other cities.I was talking about this subject to one of my reps at one of the biggest mortgage investors in the U.S. He told me his company went through the archives and the lending guidelines are now very similar today to how they were in 2000.In 2000, a 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 7.75%, yet it was the third-best performing year for home sales in the previous 37, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and Clark County saw its population grow over 300% from 1990. Even with higher interest rates than today and similar lending guidelines, people were buying houses and getting loans.One more item of optimism for you. 100% financing still exists and likely will exist for borrowers with credit scores over 620 if they can prove their income and 660 for those who state their income.Please look at the chart below. This is the “National Distribution of FICO Scores” table as found on This breaks down Americans by their credit scores.800+………….. 13%750-799………. 27%700-749………. 18%650-699………. 15%600-649………. 12%550-599………. 8%500-549………. 5%under 499…….. 2%As you can see, nearly six out of 10 have a 700 score or higher and nearly three out of every four Americans have a score 650 or higher. It doesn’t take much work for a seasoned mortgage professional to consult with a 650 on credit clean-up issues to get them over the 660 mark.And, finally there are still those agency loans like FHA (loan limit now $304,000 in Clark County) and some very exciting Fannie Mae-backed loans that allow for 100% financing for borrowers with less than perfect credit and lower income and the rates are fantastic!I just got a single mom, school teacher approved this week on 100% financing with a 626 credit score and a debt to income ratio of 55% with an interest rate of 6.000% for a 30 year fixed.No, it’s not interest-only, and yes, she has to pay mortgage insurance, but last week she was an innocent victim of a Wall Street-backed bank that decided she was too risky. In the next two weeks she will be a proud first-time buyer with a home to raise her kids.My incredible English professor, Mr. Harrington at Clark High School, once told me to always avoid clichés when writing.But you know what? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And, we, real estate professionals, will “will” our way through this, like we always do.

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Role of Media Advertising Agencies in Business Promotion

Advertisement is known to be the key to a successful business. There are many forms of advertisements. Media is one among them. With the growing need of advertisements for developing business, there has been a considerable growth in the number of media advertising agencies.Different Forms of Media AdvertisingThe different methods of advertising products through televisions, newspapers, radio, internet, mails and so forth is known as media advertising. The main motive of the these agencies is to take advantage of advertisements to increase the sales of a company and thereby overall profit.How to Choose Advertising AgenciesChoosing correct media advertising agencies can be a difficult task as there are many online agencies that help companies to gain the required exposure through advertisements.A proper research should be done online before taking advantage of the services of these agencies. Marketing your product to maximise sales should be the main priority of media advertising agencies.While choosing agencies, it is important to know whether these agencies have a successful past of marketing products. These agencies should be able to demonstrate the different strategies they adopt to market your product effectively. Maximum exposure to your products and services should be the motto of reliable and efficient media advertising agencies.These agencies include professionals with various departments. These professionals take care to advertise your products in a manner that leads to increased sales and profit. Gone are the days when advertisements were done only through newspapers and televisions. Today with the help of media advertising agencies, businesses can utilize online advertising through internet.By using the media advertising services for marketing your products, you can also save a lot of time and money. It is also important to bear in mind that your advertising agency should have a thorough idea about your products so that marketing is done effectively. Poor advertisements lead to poor response and lower sales. So it is crucial that you chalk out a plan along with your advertising agency in order to market your products.Small and medium industries gain exposure only through effective advertisements. Online advertisements help them to reach out to a wide range of customers anywhere in the world. But it is important to choose professional who can help these industries to advertise their products in such a way that it attracts customers.There are a wide number of advertising agencies in the B2B marketplaces. Some of the agencies that offer their services in advertising products include the Solid Action (India), Mod Interior, Shree Rani Sati Group and so forth. These agencies help to promote business by providing solutions to accelerate sales and maximise profits.By utilizing the services of media advertising agencies, businesses can improve their sales and obtain more profit. It is to be noted that the methods of advertising has evolved since the olden days. The growing use of internet and other online facilities have accelerated the growth of online agencies for the purpose of advertising. The entire scenario of the business has undergone a substantial change with the use of these advertising agencies.

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Video Editing Jump Cuts

Video editing jump cuts are little understood, and most times they are not properly used in most video movies. Before we begin this discussion it is imperative that we have a clearly understood definition of a jump cut. If we start with a continuous shot where someone is speaking(speaking is not a requirement, but it will enable you to recognize the jump cut quicker) and the camera does not move from the beginning to the end we have defined the piece of video in which we are going to make the edit that will create the jump cut. Any cut which removes footage between the beginning and the end of that shot creates a jump cut. In essence the edit makes the video jump forward to the next part of the shot, hence the term jump cut.In a shot where the camera pans from the speaker to the audience, you can cut out the pan and go to the audience while continuing the speaker’s voice over the shot of the audience and technically by removing the pan you are jumping forward in the shot, but because of the angle change, it is not a jump cut. Video Editing jump cuts give the feeling of moving forward in time and they are very useful if you establish them as part of the style of your video.If you have a shot where your subject drives up, gets out of the car, walks up to the door of a cabin and enters, it may take two minutes or more. With the judicial use of video editing jump-cuts you can speed that sequence up and still see the process unfold. For example, the car drives up and stops, jump-cut to the door opening, jump cut to the subject outside the car shutting the door, jump-cut to the subject half way to the door and then jump cut to the door being opened and the subject closes the door after entering. Depending on your footage you can play around with which points make for the smoothest jump cuts and adjust the length of the cuts to create a pattern or rhythm for the jump cuts in the sequence.Video editing jump cuts are eye pleasing when they are used correctly and jarring when they are not. It is up to the individual editor to determine when and when not to use the video editing jump cut tool. As you work on your videos, don’t be afraid to experiment and try video editing jump cuts when you feel that your video is slow or lacks focus. The beauty of digital editing is found within the ease of trying different things and the ease of using the restore button if they don’t work. Have fun with you editing and have no fear of making a mistake. Sometimes mistakes can turn into some of your best editing. Experiment with video editing jump cuts and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Small Business Ideas and Changing the World

Great small businesses are started by great small business ideas. Look into any business anywhere and you will find somewhere in the development there was an idea by someone, who did something about it, started a business, built the business, and benefitted others by it.I am an “idea” guy. Why? Because ideas are the genesis of all things, and surely all things pertaining to business. If the idea is good enough, and the individual acting on the idea is good enough, the combination of idea and action will shake the world.Perhaps one of the most rewarding things for me to do is to read stories about people who achieved business success. Every successful business came from a person, man or woman, with an idea that they would grow into a concept, and that concept was developed into a product or service, and that product or service created a business.There are countless inspiring stories of how businesses were started and developed. Most of them are fascinating reads because they help to nurture in my mind the power of small business ideas, and how those ideas can effect the world.One of my favorites is the story of Madam C J Walker. She was born in 1867 in the deep South, a time and place of extreme discrimination and disadvantage for African Americans and women. Both her parents were slaves, and of her five siblings, she was the first born free.But her difficulties in life did not end there. Both of her parents died, and when she was only twenty years of age her husband also died, leaving her with a two year old daughter. She moved to another state to be with her brothers, and there began to develop an idea that had been spawned in her years before…Madam C J Walker had married again, this time well into her thirties, when she began experimenting with a product to deal with hair loss and scalp issues common to women of the time. Eventually, fueled by her own passion and ideas, she developed several products of her own design and began travelling with her husband to sell them throughout the United States. Within a few years she had built a college to train hair culturists and even her own manufacturing facility to produce her products.Madam C J Walker became the first self made woman millionaire, and this with multiple and substantial disadvantages. Her story is a testament not only to overcoming tremendous odds to achievement, but the power of an idea. Her small business ideas, bolstered by her own personal strength and ingenuity, blossomed into a massive benefit for millions of women of her time and beyond.Most people have great ideas. Perhaps there is nothing more common than great ideas. The problem is not lack of ideas; it’s excuses people offer not to act on them.The entire soft drink empire came from a single idea, formed into a recipe, and scratched onto a piece of paper and tucked away in someone’s pocket. And that idea would have remained a mere “idea” forever, had not someone took the chance and acted on it to see what would happen. They did, and the world is different for it.To create a successful business, there must be an idea, but not just any idea. It has to be a unique, never thought-of or acted-on idea, one that fills a need or a desire of many people, and can be developed and produced and sold.So how to approach small business ideas to bring them to fruition? Here are few questions that should be considered:1. Is the idea new? If it already has been done, or is commonly known, it probably isn’t a novel idea worth pursuing, unless the idea is a completely new twist on an existing one, that would dramatically improve it.2. Is the idea reasonable? Here goes the logical standard: an idea is only as good as it is reasonable or possible. Yes, it would be great to have a product that, say, makes the front lawn never grow higher than the desired length, while remaining green and healthy. But is this possible, or even practical? There are zillions of ideas out there and plenty of them get developed to a point but never see the light of day because they are not reasonable: the cost or hassle to produce them is far greater than the benefit.3. Is the idea in my field of interest or knowledge? Most people are good at something and have a specific area of interest. To develop small business ideas effectively it stands to reason the developer should understand the product or at least have serious interest in it. A small business stemming from a person’s passion is the fastest and surest way to success.To build the enterprise or business or organization that will change the world always starts with an idea. Then ideas are added to ideas with passion and determination and intelligence. And what results can be life changing, not only for the entrepreneur, but for people everywhere.

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Advice For Online Car Financing

When you’re in the market for a new automobile, the likelihood that you don’t have enough cash on hand is fairly high, to say the least. As such, some manner of financing is going to be involved. With the technology available today at one’s fingertips, the simplest way to go about getting financing is to go apply for online car financing. While there are a slew of other options, like banks and financing organizations, very few of them offer the versatility and speed that online car financing deals are known for.The first thing that you, or any buyer, should understand is that the companies you’ll be dealing with are still out to make a profit off of you. While the above statement holds true for even online car financing institutions, at the very least, you can be sure that the people lending you the money will bide their time but still take your money. Thus, dealing with an organization willing to make available the car loan you need is often the most cost-effective way to go about financing a car. Many believe the previous statement because of the fact that dealerships, while often tempting places to get financing deals, tend to tack on a variety of additional items such as extended service agreements.In place of the car dealership, you have the alternative of going on the Internet to try and find an online car financing deal which suits you. While it may take you a little bit longer than it would have if you’d gotten the deal off the dealership, going online will allow you to save more of your hard-earned money in the long run. Another advantage is that because you can shop around for good alternatives online, you can try and find a deal which looks like a better fit for your financial situation and doesn’t have interest rates and loan terms that you would be uncomfortable with.One other, major advantage of getting online car financing is that you will be getting the financing ahead of time, which opens up some interesting options. Chief among these options is the chance to just buy the car directly with cash. There are some online financing institutions that will allow you to do so, which means you have a better bargaining position to ask for a lower price. Primarily, this is because the dealership you will be buying from will get their payment in one lump sum, eliminating their chance to add additional costs through interest rates. It also saves you, the buyer, time since the option of purchasing in cash eliminates the need to negotiate interest rates, financing terms, and the like.A final, big advantage that an online car financing deal can afford you is the ability to choose the dealership you buy from. If the dealership you’ve gone to is not giving you a price that you are satisfied with, or is charging you too much for the car you want, you can just leave and go to another one without losing your car financing. You can leave that dealership and go for one that is more open to agreeing with your view on how much the car should be without worrying about the online car financing deal that you’ve arranged.

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